Courses Taught

Courses Taught at UNC Chapel Hill SILS

INLS 581, Research Methods Overview

Semesters taught: Fall 2015, Spring 2016, Fall 2016, Spring 2017, Fall 2017, Spring 2018, Fall 2018, Spring 2019
Course Description: An introduction to research methods used in information and library science, exploring the design, interpretation, analysis and application of published research.
Course syllabusSpring 2018

INLS 745, Instruction for Youth in School and Public Libraries

Semesters taught: Fall 2017, Spring 2019
Course description: Considers the educational process, methods of teaching, information literacy standards, and curricular content in grades K-12. Examines the role of school and public librarians in providing instruction for youth.
Course Syllabus: Fall 2017
Open Access Textbook Assignment: For the Fall 2017 semester, I revised this course to focus on instruction for youth in both school and public libraries (previously the course had focused on only school libraries). After searching unsuccessfully for books and articles focused on instruction in public library settings, I decided that the capstone project for this course would be the collaborative development of a textbook titled Instruction and Pedagogy for Youth in Public Libraries. Students submitted chapters for this textbook as their final project for the class. I am now in the process of formatting and editing these chapters and adding introductory and concluding chapters. Once complete, I plan to publish the work as an e-book and hope to upload it to the Open Textbook Library in Summer 2018.

INLS 534, Youth and Technology in Libraries

Semesters taught: Fall 2012, Spring 2014
Course description: This course prepares students to utilize emerging technologies with youth in public and school libraries, identifies issues surrounding their use, and explores potential impacts on learning and development.
Course syllabus: Spring 2014
Sample lesson plan: This lesson plan focuses on online safety and privacy for children and teens. The accompanying Prezi presentation slides are available by clicking here. This lesson plan demonstrates my responsiveness to student needs; one activity in the lesson plan was developed based on confusion noted in students’ reader response journals, turned in the day before the class session. It also demonstrates my ability to plan engaging instruction, my fluency with technology, and my abilty to self-reflect.
Emerging Technology assignment: For the Spring 2014 semester, I developed an assignment that required students to create a product of their choosing using the LilyPad Arduino, a collection of sewable electronics designed for use in e-textiles (the image at right is one student’s product, a light-up rainbow fish book bag). This assignment was rooted in and designed to teach students about the Connected Learning framework, a model for education that focuses on the intersections among students’ interests, peer culture, and academics. The assignment was featured on the UNC SILS website.
Other artifacts: As the final assignment for this course, students wrote a grant application to request funds for a technology-related expense at a school or public library. This assignment was new to the course and I developed all of the instructions and related materials provided to the students. These materials included a (fictional) Call for Proposals, a detailed set of assignment instructions, library profiles for a variety of public and school libraries to serve as starting points for students’ work, and a set of grading criteria.

INLS 745, Curriculum and the School Librarian

Semesters taught: Spring 2013, Fall 2013
Course description: Considers the educational process, methods of teaching, scope, and sequence of curricular content in grades K-12. Examines the role of the library media specialist in providing access, instruction, and consultation.
Course syllabusFall 2013
Sample lesson plan: This lesson plan and accompanying PowerPoint focused on the school librarian’s role in developing and leading professional development for school faculty and staff. It demonstrates my commitment to providing engaging lessons via a combination of small- and large-group discussion and activities, my use of technology in the classroom (in particular, this lesson features student use of the Linoit online canvas system), and my ability to self-reflect via the inclusion of suggested changes written just after the lesson was taught.


Courses Taught at Old Dominion University

LIBS 676, Library Media Services and the Curriculum (Online Format)

Semesters Taught: Spring 2017, Spring 2018
Course Description: Emphasis is on library services/ programs and the curriculum of the school. Includes techniques for curriculum design and development, information skills instruction, instructional partnerships, advocacy, implementation of an integrated library-media instructional program and public relations programs.