Student Evaluations

The following quotes have been taken directly from students’ anonymous end-of-course evaluations.

Fall 2017, INLS 581: Research Methods Overview

  • Casey is one of the best professors I have ever had. She manages to make an almost–3–hour class totally engaging and informative. Her lessons are far more valuable to me than our textbook. It is obvious that she has a teaching background and I am glad that we, as graduate students, get to benefit from that!
  • Dr. Rawson is an outstanding instructor. Her lectures were informative and made dry subject matter clear and engaging.
  • Casey is an amazing teacher who has clearly, intentionally, and purposefully designed one of the few survey classes that I have genuinely enjoyed. Her materials are well–organized and thorough, she offers her materials in a variety of formats, she reliably reminds us and keeps students accountable for the work she expects from us, and she pushes us to think critically about the topics brought up in class. Casey truly brings out the best in students, and creates a wonderful learning environment in the classroom.
  • Casey Rawson is a very enthusiastic teacher who deeply cares that her students learn the course content and enjoy her class.
  • Casey is extremely well organized which makes it easy to follow along and keep up during the semester. She is enthusiastic in her lessons which makes the material more engaging. She takes her time to make sure students understand things and provides lessons and resources for her students in multiple formats. She is always quick to respond to emails and it always so helpful. She is the SILS professor I trust the most to offer guidance, advice, wisdom, and help in this program and in the field.


Fall 2017, INLS 745: Instruction for Youth in School and Public Libraries

  • Casey has designed the lesson in a way that models the teaching and learning methods we are studying. She is reflective, using flip grid reassessments to alter her lesson plans as needed.
  • Casey was very inclusive, engaging, and transparent in her teaching. She modeled everything she taught us, and it reinforced the class material.
  • Casey explained everything clearly and made it relevant to our future careers. She was great at emailing back quickly and proving feedback when asked. She was enthusiastic about the course material and it showed in each lesson. She explained things throughorly [sic] and gave us time to think about each concept before moving on. She is also the professor I would feel most comfortable addressing concerns about SILS or concerns about entering the field in general too.


Spring 2017, INLS 581: Research Methods Overview

  • Casey is an incredible instructor–one of the best I’ve ever had at SILS or elsewhere.
  • Casey Rawson has taken a very broad, required course and made it enjoyable and applicable – no matter what a student’s research interests might be.
  • What a powerhouse of a professor! Always prepared for class, her course material was accessible and engaging. She made a required course an enjoyable experience.
  • Dr. Rawson made every effort to make our class engaging, which is admirable based on the material and the time of the class. I also can tell that she cares a lot about the subject and really believes it will provide us a good foundation to do our studies. I learned so much!
  • Casey Rawson is one of the best professors I have had in my education. She is intelligent, caring, inclusive, witty, and understanding. You can see in her lessons that she cares about her students as people, cares about being inclusive and practical, cares about making her courses engaging and educational, and cares about setting up students to be life-long researchers. Casey was always available and understanding of questions and confusion. She runs a tight ship that produces strong knowledge and research practices. She was also extremely supportive to me during a tough time during the semester. Casey Rawson is known among the student population as one of the best teachers in the program because she not only prepares you for the future, but she does so with grace, kindness, and wit.
  • Casey goes above and beyond. She is consistently prepared for class, thoughtful about how she designs her classes, and sensible in her classroom polices
  • Casey is probably the most well-organized professor I have ever had. This set me up for success as a student. Her lessons were well organized and timed so that I learned at the perfect pace.
  • She’s amazing and one of the most dedicated and clear instructors I’ve ever had.
  • Casey is an EXCELLENT instructor. I was expecting Research Methods to be a pretty boring class, but Dr. Rawson actually made it very engaging and even fun. I enjoyed the way she immersed us in the learning experience by having us actually try out the different research methods we were learning about. She is a very approachable teacher who explains concepts clearly. Her Powerpoint slides were very well-made and helpful, allowing me to focus on learning “in the moment”, rather than having to worry about taking notes.


Quotes from Earlier Semesters

  • Casey clearly communicated her willingness to give students additional time and support outside of the classroom, while being clear and firm on her expectations of students. In addition, she was always engaging and encouraging in the classroom and her enthusiasm was infectious, making me never want to miss a class.
  • Casey did a wonderful job with this class. She made even the driest material engaging and always ensured that we all understood the material when we left for the day. This was my favorite SILS course this semester. I found myself thinking to things I learned in her class even in my other academic discipline. I appreciate her unwavering enthusiasm, genuine interest in research, and her obvious determination to make sure we learn the material (and enjoy the class in the process). She is a talented teacher!
  • Dr. Rawson covered a vast number of complex concepts with clarity and precision, relating them in a way that was both logical and relevant. Her out-of-class preparation (slides, assignments, etc.) was absolutely peerless. I wish all SILS professors showed this level of dedication.
  • This teacher is a teacher-at-heart. She is sincerely vested in her students’ learning. In short, excellent teaching skills. This course was a 3-hour block from 6-9 pm. Yet, I have never had a shorter class go by so easily, and enjoyably.
  • The way each class was divided between lectures and other learning methods kept it interesting, which is especially impressive for a three-hour evening class. I had expected the class to be some combination of dull and difficult, but it turned out to be neither and I credit that entirely to the teaching. I also really appreciated that she concentrated on the general importance of research in the field instead of just how to write a thesis; it made the content seem relevant outside the program.
  • This topic is not an easy one. I am so, so very appreciate of what I have learned and the feelings I have come away with. A reminder that even the most daunting subjects can be surmounted with a wonderful teacher. Thanks ever so much.
  • I appreciated the reading responses and the class discussion. The in-class assignments/ discussions were some of the most useful and well designed classroom interactions I’ve experienced here at SILS. There was variety, yet consistency, a balance not often achieved. The professor was also very responsive and available to students with questions and concerns.
  • Casey was so open and honest with us… she was very real and easy to interact with. Truly one of the best teachers I have had during my time in SILS.
  • Excellent!!! Very respectful and accommodating of individual needs and situations. She purposefully chose controversial articles to engage us and encouraged us all to share our opinions, no matter what view.
  • Casey Rawson is such a pleasure to work with. She is so kind and patient. I wish I could take another class from her. She was consistently respectful of students’ opinions, and would always validate whatever comments were made.
  • I got a lot out of this class. The debates were always really illuminating and helpful, and I really liked how Casey, at the end of class, typically told us the actual educational theory behind what she was teaching us and her lesson design, which was really useful for this type of program.
  • I loved, loved, LOVED the interactive activities that we did during most class periods. Three-hour course blocks can be deadly, and I really liked how the activities we did helped us learn more and understand the material better. It was a good way to ensure that every student did something other than giggle on their laptops in the back.
  • Casey was always excited to be in class and her enthusiasm helped me be enthusiastic.
  • Extremely well-run course, one of the best I’ve ever had. Interesting teaching techniques used. Instructor very organized and engaged.
  • This is the most practical class I have taken at SILS and I loved the way Casey taught. I looked forward to this class every week because I knew I would learn something that would actually be helpful later in my career. She also did a great job of varying what we did in the 3 hour block to keep us engaged.